Our mystical (vegan) wedding

October 1, 2017

In honour of our anniversary I decided to show you a glimpse of my wedding that took place exactly one year ago today.

Today was such a beautiful day and it reminded me why we chose late September as our wedding date.  Fall has always reminded me of new beginnings, change, and you can just feel the magic in the crisp air.

Our wedding had the perfect weather; it was that gloomy sun with a cool breeze, and after the ceremony we celebrated under a “black moon”.  A black moon is the second new moon in any given calendar month that carries a supercharged and enhanced new moon energy. The moon was said to have opened a portal of unimaginable potential, brought closure to all that didn’t serve you, and opened a path going foreward, thus a new beginning.  Black moons bring out deeper connections, union and harmony, so I searched into the deepest part of myself to set an intention for everlasting love.  This intensified energy from the black moon can therefore make the intentions that we plant into the universe manifest quickly. I couldn’t think of a more magical or powerful day to say “I do” to someone I truly adore. Anything is possible; never forget that.

I remember the sun was setting so we headed back to the dining area to eat.  Technically speaking a “new moon” means that there was no moon visible in the sky, however, when I looked up at the sky it was a deep, deep almost black purply colour and all you could see in the background were the pitch black silhouettes of the evergreen trees.  It was one of the best feelings I have ever had, where all my senses were engaged in that present moment and I will cherish that moment forever.

I had an intimate wedding with only 10 guests in the heart of a city yet we were surrounded by a forest. The best part about having a small wedding was that there was nothing to prove and the whole thing was completely authentic. It was real.

My wedding was also 100% vegan consisting of 4 different types of appetizers, plus a 5-course meal including a 3-tier vegan cake that could had fed over 50 people:

  • Appetizers: black bean and heirloom tomato mini corn tostadas, mixed tempura with cider gonzo dipping sauce, gazpacho, and Laotian salad rolls stuffed with sautéed chanterelle and veggie linguini
  •  First course: Puy and red lentil soup with lemon and coriander chaunk garnish
  • Second course: roasted squash and pumpkin salad with toasted seeds, northern pecans and warm Champagne vinaigrette
  • Third course (Obvi, pasta had its own course at my wedding): penne frigate with heirloom tomato sauce and micro basil
  • Fourth course (cause my roots are Macedonian as fuck): choice of cabbage rolls stuffed with coconut and thyme scented rice and peas or red pepper stuffed with stir fried fresh seasonal vegetables and rice
  • Dessert course: raspberry vanilla, double chocolate, or chocolate hazelnut cake with vanilla ice cream

The Dream Team:

Venue/food: Evergreen Brickworks
Photographers (who we absolutely adored): Brandon and Jess Scott
Flowers: Botany flowers
Wedding planner (was a dream to work with): Laura Olsen
Officiant: John Huculiak
Dress: Felichia bridal
Hair: My amazing hair dresser Trish that I’ve known over a decade
Make-up: Alexandra
Night before the wedding accommodation: Ritz Carlton
Stationary (menus): Paula Lee Calligraphy

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