I started writing this blog in June 2014. I initially created this blog as a platform to share what I’m passionate about, which is plant-based food. Here you’ll find healthy recipes that can be enjoyed by kitchen illiterates and experienced chefs, and the occasional travel and beauty tip. I have grown up in an era where the word ‘healthy food’ is used synonymously with ‘unappetizing”, “bland”, or “unsavory”.   My mission is to make healthy taste good whether you are vegan or not.

This space is an awesome collection of recipes and articles that will nourish your mind, body and soul. The foods we eat affect us more than we realize. Food has a direct impact on how we feel, which is why it is so important to eat real food. Most of us know much of this intuitively, yet we don’t always make healthy choices. My goal is to make food that is a lot more appetizing so the choice is easy.

Everything you see here is part of my journey to health and happiness. I want the blog to show how easy it is to make healthy food also taste delicious.

I believe in the power of whole foods and the recipes are always vegan, sometimes gluten-free and every once in a while are sugar-free.



Hi! I’m Laura and I currently live in Toronto. You can usually find me in the kitchen, but when I’m not there I enjoy bicycling, practicing yoga, going to concerts or exploring the world.

You’ll find that I like to create my own vocabulary sometimes. I have a pillow addiction because I like to be comfy, and I like any gadget that comes in a mini size. I also believe in extraterrestrial existence and love cats because they’re weird.

I didn’t always love being in the kitchen though, in fact, I remember being 18 years old and barely being able to make myself a bowl of pasta. My passion for cooking started when I turned vegan. Once I graduated from University I started working full-time in an office environment. Being in a routine everyday made me realize I needed quick, easy and tasty meals. That is when I became the Greenerer and started blogging my recipes.

I long to express my creative side, which is why I use this blog as my outlet to do so. I have never had a hobby that I have felt so passionate about; it’s the one thing that that keeps me up at night, that gets me excited about starting my next day and makes me never give up. The truth is, not everyone gets to do work they love. But it’s our responsibility to seek such work out. Each effort eventually leads to a better understanding of myself.

As my culinary skills improve, I focus on creating healthy plant based recipes that win over my husband, Derek’s heart. Creating healthy dishes that he would also enjoy was quite the challenge, but challenge accepted. When I would make a delicious dish that he approved of it started to turn into a competition for me. Each time I made food I wanted it to be even more delicious then the last, so everything you see on my blog is a result of self-taught skill and a lot of love.